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User-Logging Service

User-Logging Service


This service has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

User-Logging Service🔗

Method logWithToken🔗

Method call🔗

logWithToken(accessToken, logMessages)


The method logs user activity log messages from the user interface to ElasticSearch for Activity Reporting or the main application log for debugging purposes, depending on the event type. The messages originate in the user interface. A number of messages can be combined in one service call to reduce the frequency of service calls.


Parameter Name Type Description
accessToken string the accessToken
sessionID string the session ID (UUID) generated by the user interface
logMessages List of LogMessages Each log message consists of an event type, timestamp, and a message string.





The messages are logged inside Search.

Error Handling🔗

The method can raise the following errors:

Error Code Description
INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN The token is not valid (possibly timed-out).
EMPTY_ARGUMENT One of the arguments is not provided.
INVALID_REQUEST The logging request contains invalid syntax
METHOD_NOT_AVAILABLE The environment does not support user logging.