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Upload Knowledge Service

Upload Knowledge Service


This service is currently unavailable.

Upload Knowledge Service🔗

The Upload Knowledge Service allows remote updates of knowledge content. For example, translation item codetables can be sent to this service to update the mapping of codes to labels without requiring access to the machine. Changes to the knowledge content take effect as soon as they are updated. The uploaded knowledge content need to satisfy the corresponding specifications. Please contact Textkernel Support for more details.

Method upload🔗

Method call🔗

upload(environment, password, filename, fileContents) : void


The upload knowledge service stores the given knowledge file content in database named with the provided filename.


Parameter Name Type Description
environment string identifier of a search environment
password string password for the search environment
filename string target relative file path under which is used to store as key in database, may contain subdirectories
fileContents string the file to be saved as a string. Ensure proper XML encoding when constructing a SOAP message (use entity references for special characters or enclose the whole document in a CDATA section; encode non-ascii characters with the SOAP character set: UTF-8 by default).


Result Name Type Description


  • The Search metadata store is enabled.
  • For the knowledge file content to take effect immediately it must be configured by a search environment.


The knowledge content is created or updated in the Cassandra knowledge table, and automatically reloaded if used by any environment.

Error Handling🔗

See the description of common errors as well as method-specific errors listed below:

Error Code Description
EMPTY_ARGUMENT One or more mandatory arguments are empty.
INVALID_PASSWORD The password is incorrect - applies only to password authentication.
ENVIRONMENT_NOT_AVAILABLE The environment is not available (see log-file for possible errors).
METHOD_NOT_AVAILABLE The upload knowledge service is not enabled for the environment or knowledge manager does not support handling of knowledge files
FILE_ACCESS_DENIED The filename does not start with the environment name (and no global access is configured).
DOCUMENT_STORAGE_ERROR The file could not be written to the file system.