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Search! & Match! API
User Interface Parameters

User Interface Parameters🔗

The following URL parameters can be used when using the Textkernel Search UI.


Parameter Description Default
environment The environment name to load example (if enabled)
requestTokenUrl The requestTokenUrl service, overriding the default requestTokenUrl Textkernel standard
externalToken The identification token to provide to the requestTokenUrl. For the internal requestAccessToken service, this parameter has no effect. empty
loginPageUrl The loginPageUrl of a web page on the customer system to redirect the user to from the search page if the user is logged out. Overrides the default loginPageUrl. Textkernel login page
redirectWindow The target window for redirection when authentication fails. If Search! runs within Iframe, then this parameter can be set to "self" to prevent the "iframe break-out" issue (unless other flow is required) top
accessToken Explicitly provided access token, can be used when there is no possibility to use the token request service. The token will not be refreshed however and on time-out an error will be displayed. empty

User Interface🔗

Parameter Description Default
lang The language of the user interface (applies to static information such as headers and buttons), accepts ISO locale descriptions. e.g.: en, fr, de, nl EN (English)
miles if parameter is set to "true", then the location radius is displayed in miles instead of kilometers. false
css The custom css file, overriding the standard css search.css
layout One of: "responsive", "mobile" or "desktop". Allows overriding of the default responsive layout (which automatically switches between the mobile view and the desktop view based on the screen size) to an always mobile or always desktop view, regardless of the screen size. responsive
bundle If defined the specified language bundle will be used to override the default UI translations. Search - system standard

Search Query🔗

Parameter Description Default
query The query to use as the opening query. The result of the query will be displayed as bread crumbs, and possibly as facet selections. The bread crumbs can be clicked away, they will not disappear by themselves when the user types a new query. empty (returns all documents)
match The external URL or document URI from which to generate a Match query and display results when the application is opened. This parameter can be combined with the query parameter. That will result in a Match query merged via AND operator with the value passed to the query variable. empty
cloud The field name of the cloud that should be displayed on load none
executeSavedSearchById Finds the saved search by ID and executes it directly (if the user is authorized to execute it). The associated project gets activated, hereby ignoring any setting of the "project_id" parameter if present.
executeSavedSearch (deprecated) Executes the first saved search for the active project, if any. false
executeSavedSearchByName (deprecated) Finds the saved search by name from the active project (if any) and executes it.
project_id Activates an existing project with given ID if user is authorized to see it. empty
project_external_id If a project with this external ID exists, it is set as the active project. Otherwise, the first project to be saved will get this external ID. empty
project_label If provided, it will be used as a name suggestion when creating a project. empty
dateField Specifies the document date field name, which is used in email alerts to link back to view the new results
dateConstraint Specifies the document date constraint, which is used in email alerts to link back to view the new results. Works only with dateField parameter

NOTE: adding the state to the end of the URL for opening the Search interface with a query is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release.