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Search! & Match! API



This object is a representation of a saved search entry in the database.


Parameter Name Type Description
id string The ID of the saved search
projectID string The ID of the associated project.
projectVersion integer Optional. The modification version number of the associated project. Only included on results of save requests.
name string The name of this saved search
emailAlert enum Optional. One of NEVER, DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY. Default is NEVER which means that email alerts are disabled.
emailAddresses string Optional. A comma-separated list of email addresses to be used in the to-field of the email.
emailUsers List of strings Optional. Contains a comma-separated list of user identities
emailRoles List of strings Optional. Contains a comma-separated list of role identities
emailProjectShares boolean Optional. Indicates whether to send the email alert to all users and roles that the save search' project is shared with.
emailEmptyResults boolean Optional. True if emails should also be sent if there are no new results.
note string Optional. Free-text field for notes about the saved search.
language string Optional. Language code for the saved search.


    "id": "f49t274ce1a14d73bd6cbef1428e68d1",
    "projectID": "d40b054ce1a14d73bd6cbef1428e46f1",
    "projectVersion": 3,
    "name": "Accountants in Amsterdam",
    "emailAlert": "WEEKLY",
    "emailAddresses": ",",
    "emailUsers": "user1,user2",
    "emailRoles": "all,role1",
    "emailProjectShares": true,
    "emailEmptyResults": true,
    "note": 'Helps to find accountants Amsterdam',
    "language": 'en'