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Reindexing Status🔗


This object represents the status of a reindex run as returned by the reindex and getReindexingStatus services.

  • READY: no running reindex job, it can be started by calling reindex.
  • IN_PROGRESS: there is a running job, it can be restarted by calling reindex.


Parameter Name Type Description
state enumerated string SUBMITTED, READY or IN_PROGRESS.
reindexedDocuments integer the number of documents already reindexed.
totalDocuments integer the number of documents in the document store for this environment. It is the expected number of documents to be reindexed. This number is determined at time of calling the reindexing service, taking deltaTime into account. The actual amount of reindexed documents depends on the number of documents added/deleted while reindexing takes place.
startTime date the start time of this reindex run.
deltaTime date optional delta time of this reindex run.


    "state": "IN_PROGRESS",
    "reindexedDocuments": 2200,
    "totalDocuments": 14400,
    "startTime": "2015-01-16T08:46:39.123+01:00",
    "deltaTime": "2015-01-15T01:00:00.123+01:00"