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Object Queries

Object Queries

Object Queries🔗

skill:{name:java expyears:1..5}
language:{name:english level:(fluent intermediate)}
%language:({name:english level:fluent} {name:dutch level:intermediate})

Object-queries express queries on nested fields. Object queries use the ‘{‘ ‘}’ symbols to group query expressions on nested fields. In order to satisfy an object-query all contained nested field queries must match a single object field item. Conditions can only be specified on the object level, not on the level of subParts.

For ease of query construction, also a simplified syntax can be used to create object queries on single nested fields. Using the dot-notation it is possible to directly query a nested field. The following examples show simplified query syntax and its equivalents in object query language: -> skill:{name:java} c++) -> skill:({name:java} {name:c++})|java c++| -> skill:{name:java} skill:{name:c++}