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Search! & Match! API

About Search!🔗

Search! is Textkernel's product for semantic search. It is a web application that provides functionality for searching in local data and external sources. Search! is designed to be easily integrated in other applications.

Web Service API🔗

Search! comes with an extensive API for indexing and searching on documents in multiple sources. It supports semantic search methods, such as faceted search, cloud facets, query expansions, and matching between people and jobs.

Web User Interface🔗

Integration Options🔗

The Textkernel Search! UI can be integrated into your application in two ways:

  • Through the Textkernel Portal (recommended)
  • Standalone

Please consult Textkernel for advise on which option is best for your situation.

The advantages of the Textkernel Portal are as follows:

  • It provides the best User Experience for matching between people and jobs across multiple Search environments, by "tabbing" between Search environments containing people or jobs data.
  • You do not need to implement multiple user authentication and identification services, but only need to sync users between your application and the Textkernel Portal.
  • The Textkernel Portal integrates all Textkernel products in a unified UI. So you only need to build one integration to get access to all current and future Textkernel products.

Integration of the Portal is not part of this documentation. Please consult Textkernel for more information.

For standalone integration, refer to Seamless Iframe Integration. This chapter describes how the Search! user interface can be integrated seamlessly in an existing application using iframes.

Browser Support🔗

The Search! web user interface requires a modern web browser with JavaScript enabled. See the Textkernel Browser Support page for a complete list of all supported browsers. Note that this list might change periodically.