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Synonym Section

Synonym Section

Synonym Section🔗


A Synonym Section object is a container for all the synonyms in all the languages per one section (related terms, spelling variants, etc.)


Parameter Name Type Description
name string Arbitrary string read from the configuration file, representing a name of the section. Used for grouping Synonym Items in the GUI widget
collapsed boolean Determins whether this section is collapsed in the GUI widget
items list of SynonymItem List of actual synonyms per language


    "name": "related terms",
    "collapsed": false,
    "items": [
        { "lang": "NL", "values": ["programmeur", "ontwikkelaar"] },
        { "lang": "EN", "values": ["architect", "specialist", "programmer", "engineer"] }
    "name": "spelling variants",
    "collapsed": true,
    "items": [{ "lang": "EN", "values": ["ceo", "c.e.o."] }]