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Search! & Match! API
Query Context

Query Context

Query Context🔗


This class represents additional information about search queries. The class is used to keep track of a search query session. The content of the class is logged to user activity log which is used by R&D purposes to improve match and ranking quality.


Parameter Name Type Description
queryID string The id of the Search Query
querySessionID string The id of the Search Query Session
matchSource string Represents the source of match operation. Exists only if the search query is generated via match
queryTags* list of string Tags given to the search query

* Currently supported query tags:

Query Tag Name When we add the tag
savedSearch When user "opens" saved search. First query in this session will be tagged with "savedSearch"
historySearch When user selects a query from history drop-down First query in this session will be tagged with "historySearch"
startQuery When Search! page is opened with either "?query=..." or "?match=..." query param
match When one of the following is true; Search! query was made by uploading a file or url (via query extraction service), or the query contains certain query parts that we consider part of a match query
naturalLanguageQuery When a Search request has the useNLQS flag set to true, and the query is send to the NLQS service.
suggestionSelection When a query was started/refined by selecting a term from autosuggest drop-down
pageInitialized When Search! page was loaded with no query params, and a new empty query is fired
EMAILALERT When an email alert is triggered and its saved search is executed


  "querySessionID": "33583ef6-1a64-4427-9bd5-f40e0a6dd852",
  "queryID": "db0e8702-f371-410c-ac4c-dadc91ef7822",
  "queryTags": [
  "matchSource": "doc://environmentName/searchEngine/documentID"