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Search! & Match! API

Architectural overview🔗

Architectural Overview

The architectural overview displayed in figure 'Architectural Overview' describes the following systems:

  • Customer System: the application that integrates the Search! services. It is responsible for calling the Search! services in order to have an up-to-date search index and appropriate user-access restrictions.
  • Search!: provides the web services for indexing and searching, and (optionally) the search page to be loaded in the user's browser.
  • User's Browser: displays the search page that calls Ajax requests to retrieve the search results.

In this set-up the users access the web page of Search! for searching through the collection. From the web page their search queries are executed directly on the Search! application using Ajax technology in the browser. In order for the users to gain access to the Search! application, they need to request an access token through the customer system which in turn requests a token from the Search! Authentication service.