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Search! & Match! API




The Document object is a container that represents Document


Parameter Name Type Description
id string unique document identifier within the search environment. Allows only letters (upper and lower case), numbers, dash (-), and underscore (_). Cannot be larger than 512 bytes, but it is recommended to keep this much smaller for performance reasons.
date date-string document date used for ranking newer documents higher.
Supported syntax are ISO-dates YYYY-MM-DD or full date-timestamps with ISO offset timezone information YYYY-MM-DD'T'HH:MM:SS[.sss]X, e.g. 2016-12-29T16:25:50Z, 2016-12-29T16:25:50+01:00 or 2016-12-29. Timestamps without timezone information will be regarded as UTC times. If Search cannot parse a full timestamp it will attempt to parse just a date from the beginning of the string. If also that fails the date will be regarded as not provided.
If the documentDate is not provided as an API parameter, it will be extracted from the document (using the selector defined in the metadata config for the special field called documentdate). If that does not yield a valid date, today is used.
content XML (TrXml) document XML document sent as string. Ensure proper XML encoding when constructing a SOAP message (use entity references for special characters or enclose the whole document in a CDATA section; encode non-ascii characters with the SOAP character set: UTF-8 by default). On the structure of XML see Input Document Format
accessRoles list of strings list of access roles that are allowed to retrieve the document. The accessRoles element should be repeated for each individual role.


Note that the actual document XML is omitted

    <content><![CDATA[ (...) ]]></content>