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OR Groups / Specifying Synonyms

OR Groups / Specifying Synonyms

OR Groups / Specifying Synonyms🔗

compskills:(C C++) Amsterdam
([java developer] [software developer])#2 Amsterdam
skill:({name:java expyears:1..5}{name:c++ expyears:1..5})

Alternative search terms can be combined in an OR group by grouping them in parentheses (). This is useful for specifying a list of synonyms or to allow multiple required facet items. In the example above, capturing both C and C++ in an OR-group ensures that all documents contain either C or C++ as a computer skills as well as containing Amsterdam. OR-groups can contain either simple keywords, phrases, and proximity expressions, or multiple ranges, or multiple objects. An OR-group is always bound to a single field. Therefore, they are not allowed to contain fields within the group. Furthermore, OR-groups also may not be nested. The second example shows that weights can be used within an OR-group. OR-groups may be used on the full text (second example) or on a specific field (first example), they may not be nested.