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Search! & Match! API




Search! allows to perform wildcard queries. If a query term ends with a trailing * it gets expanded to the most common completions. Documents containing any of the found completions will match. For example, the above query develop* will match on developer, development, developed, etc. A few restrictions apply:

  • The * symbol must be placed at the end of a word.
  • The * symbol needs to be preceded by at least 2 characters for it to work on external searchers.
  • Wildcard terms cannot be part of phrases or proximity expressions.
  • Wildcard terms in general cannot contain special chars, like e.g. a hyphon '-'.

For external searchers that do not support wildcard search by themselves, Search! uses its own auto-completion engine to generate completions for the wildcard expression. In that case, the expansion terms are based on the configured dictionaries.