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Search! & Match! API


Query Part🔗


This class represents the information of a query part. They are used to visualize the parsed query in the user interface, and allow fine-grained control over adapting the parsed query by sending it back in a new query, possibly modified.


Parameter Name Type Description
field string the field name
fieldLabel string The field label
condition enum the conditionType of the represented query part. Allowed values: REQUIRED, BANNED, FAVORED, STRONGLY_FAVORED
weight float the weight of the query part compared to other query parts in the the ranking of results
items list of QueryPartItem one or more search terms of which at least one must be in the searched document (OR-combined)
searchEngine string Optional searchEngine name set only for exclusive query parts.


    "field": "FULLTEXT",
    "fieldLabel": "Full text",
    "condition": "REQUIRED",
    "weight": 1.0,
    "items": []