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Search! & Match! API


Searcher Metadata🔗


This object holds all static metadata needed to interpret the results of a specific searcher.


Parameter Name Type Description
label string the label of the searcher's database
showLabelInTooltip string true if the label is displayed as a tooltip on the searcher tab.
shortLabel string optional short label to be displayed instead of the label when showLabelInTooltip is true.
icon string optional image link, relative or absolute URL
type String the searcher type
resultFields list of result fields a list of fields to be shown in the header of a result item.
sortingOptions list of sorting options A list of sorting options. Each option holds a name and a ResultSorting object.
defaultSortingOptionIndex integer the index of the default sorting option in the abovementioned list of sorting options. If no default sorting option is configured this attribute is not defined.
hasScoring boolean true if the searcher provides scores on results
hasQueryPartScoring boolean true if the searcher provides scores on query parts (enables the query parts widget)
proximityWindow integer optional size of the term window for proximity queries (defaults to 2)
documentIdLinks list of links based on the document ID these links are displayed for each search result
actionLinks list of action links each item in the list defines a link to an action that can be executed on one or more search results
pageSize integer the number of result items returned per page
maxDisplayedMatchSize integer optional maximum number for which numbers are displayed exactly, greater numbers are displayed as n+.
nonAutomatic boolean true if the searcher tab executes search queries only when selected
nonApplicableFields list of strings the names of fields not applicable to the searcher (including exclusive facet fields of other searchers)
applicableFields list of strings the names of fields applicable to the searcher (including its exclusive facet fields).
requiresUserAuthentication boolean Determines whether additional authentication credentials are necessary when these are not configured in the environment. Note that this returns also true if the credentials to this searcher are supplied on the token.
allowsRemoteFacets boolean Whether this searcher expects to receive and should render facets returned with the search results that are not already in the searcher metadata.
expandOnLoad boolean indicates if displayed search results should be expanded by default in the GUI
authenticationPromptFields list of fields Contains all authentication prompt fields that can be prompted to the user for authentication.
isProxy boolean indicates if the searcher is proxy ('type' parameter always refers to the type of remote searcher)


  "label": "External",
  "icon": "img/icons/external.png",
  "type": "elasticsearch",
  "resultFields": [
      "name": "location"
      "name": "lastjobtitle",
      "highlightAsFields": [
      "name": "educationlevel",
      "displayType": "expanded",
      "hideLabel": true
      "name": "link",
      "displayType": "button",
      "icon": "img/icons/linkedin.png",
      "markDocumentAsViewed": "true"
  "hasScoring": true,
  "hasQueryPartScoring": false,
  "documentIdLinks": [
      "prefix": "...",
      "icon": "img/more-info-open-cv-bg.png",
      "label": "Open CV",
      "highlight": true,
      "includeAccessToken": true,
      "extraParameters": "externalToken, roles",
      "markDocumentAsViewed": true
  "actionLinks": [],
  "pageSize": 15,
  "nonApplicableFields": [
  "applicableFields": [
  "nonAutomatic": false,
  "requiresUserAuthentication": true,
  "allowsRemoteFacets": false,
  "expandOnLoad": false,
  "authenticationPromptFields": [
      "name": "email",
      "label": "Email",
      "prompt": "plain"
      "name": "password",
      "label": "Password",
      "prompt": "password"
      "name": "client_id",
      "prompt": "hidden",
      "value": "12345678"