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Authentication Prompt Field🔗


This object controls how and which authentication fields should be rendered to the user when credentials need to be prompted. All fields are filtered by Search based on their definitions in the web.conf files and do not contain sensitive information. For fields that need to be prompted to the user, any value set from the environment or application-wide settings is removed. For fields that should be rendered hidden on the client side, the value is kept. Fields with no prompt setting are filtered out completely and never sent to the client. These fields are sent as a list with the searcher metadata.


Parameter Name Type Description
name string Name of the field
value string Optional value of the field. Does only contain a value if prompt is 'hidden'
label string Translated label of the field to be shown in the UI. Defaults to field name if no label is set for the given language
prompt string One of 'plain', 'password' or 'hidden'. Determined how the field should be shown in the UI. Plain renders the field normally, password renders the field with masked input and hidden renders the field and its value invisibly on the authentication form to be posted alongside other credentials.