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Search! & Match! API



Java developer Amsterdam

Keywords are not case sensitive, that is "Java", "JAVA" and "java" are the same.

Adding keywords to a query further limits the result set. In the example above, adding Amsterdam will return results containing Amsterdam in addition to Java and Developer. An empty query, that is without any keywords, returns all.

Keywords containing special characters must be quoted as a phrase, such as "page#3". Otherwise Search might interpret them as query language. However, Search! recognizes most common keywords like C++ that do not need quotes.

A special case is the treatment of domain names and email addresses. Documents refer to companies either by their name or domain name, e.g. a developer might mention in a CV that he worked for Textkernel or Either way, Search will find the document when searching with the keyword textkernel. However, using the more explicit keyword only documents with the complete domain name will be found. Searching for email addresses is guaranteed to deliver all exactly matching results, but also slightly fuzzy matches might be returned. For example, a search for might return not only the candidate with the exact matching address, but also or