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Search! & Match! API
Event Logging

Event Logging

Event logging🔗

The following events are being logged for reporting. The source column shows whether the event is logged on the back-end when processing the request or sent separately by the front-end via the User Logging Service.

The events are ordered in a hierarchy, where descended events contain all parameters of the parent. All events have at least the following parameters, in addition to those specific to the event: environment, userID, roles, eventType, timestamp.

Event Source Parameters Description
SEARCH_EXECUTE back-end searchEngine, sorting, language, queryFields, matchSize, docIDList, responseTimeMs, queryParts, originalQuery, pageSize, resultPage When a search request is done.
RESULT_ASSESSMENT back-end searchEngine, name, docIDList, note, relevance When a result is given an assessment value.
RESULT_EXPLORE front-end searchEngine, name, docIDList, exploreEvent: EXPAND/COLLAPSE When a result item is expanded or closed in the UI.
RESULT_SAVE back-end searchEngine, name, docIDList, projectName When a result is saved to a project
RESULT_CUSTOM front-end searchEngine, name, docIDList Custom result activity, triggered by documentIDLinks and actionLinks
SEARCH_SAVE back-end savedSearchName, projectName Represents the action of saving a search.
SEARCH_LOAD front-end savedSearchName, projectName Represents the action of opening a saved search.
PROJECT_DELETE back-end projectName, projectID Represents the action of deleting a project.
PROJECT_CREATE back-end projectName, projectID Represents the action of creating a project.
PROJECT_UPDATE back-end projectName, projectID Represents the action of updating a project, such as renaming.
PROJECT_SHARE back-end projectName, projectID, sharedWithUsersRW, sharedWithRolesRW, sharedWithUsersRO, sharedWithRolesRO Whenever a project is shared with either a user or role. Each event always contains the entire set of objects the project is shared with.
SYNONYM_UPDATE back-end fieldName, term, customSynonyms, selectedSynonyms Whenever a synonym is updated for a given term. This includes changing the selected synonyms as well as adding and removing custom synonyms. The event always contains all synonyms for the given term, not just the changes.
PAGE_INITIALIZED front-end layout, initialLayout, browser, integration When the search page is initialized and under what conditions.

The following table explains the parameters that are not self-evident

Parameter Description
queryFields An array of all fields that are involved in the logged query
queryParts An array of richly structured query data describing the exact query. Useful for re-executing the same query again
originalQuery The query string typed by the user before enriched by Search
docIDList An array of document IDs relevant to the logged activity. For SEARCH_EXECUTE this contains all IDs of the result page. For all other events this describes the documents the activity was applied to. Can be a single value.
Arrays of user IDs or roles a project is shared with. XX can be RW (read-write) or RO (read-only). See Shares chapter

Event type hierarchy🔗

Events are created hierarchically, starting from more generic (with parameters that all events contain) to more specific event types containing some additional, event-specific parameters on top of the generic ones. The hierarchy is as follows:

  • All events
    • common parameters: environment, userID, roles, eventType, timestamp
    • Project related events (PROJECT_*)
      • common parameters: projectID, projectName
        • additional parameters: None
        • additional parameters: None
        • additional parameters: None
        • additional parameters: sharedWithUsersRW, sharedWithUsersRO, sharedWithRolesRW, sharedWithRolesRO, version
    • Searcher related events
      • common parameters: searchEngine
      • RESULT_*
        • common parameters: name, docIDList
          • additional parameters: note, relevance
          • additional parameters: exploreEvent.EXPAND/COLLAPSE
        • RESULT_SAVE
          • additional parameters: projectName
          • additional parameters: markDocumentAsViewed
        • additional parameters: sorting, language, queryFields, matchSize, docIDList, responseTimeMs, queryParts, pageSize, resultPage
    • Save/Load search related events
      • common parameters: savedSearchName, projectName
        • additional parameters: None
        • additional parameters: None
    • Synonym update related events
      • common parameters: fieldName, term, customSynonyms, selectedSynonyms
        • additional parameters: None
    • Page events
      • common parameters: None
        • additional parameters: layout, initialLayout, browser, integration

Auxiliary user interface event logging🔗

Not all events generated by the UI via the User Logging Service are stored for Activity Reporting. The following events are directly logged to the Search application log for debugging purposes:

  • javascriptError
    • message, stack, filename
  • deprecation
    • message