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Search! & Match! API
Auto-Complete Service

Auto-Complete Service

Auto-Complete Service🔗

Method complete🔗

Method call🔗

complete(environment, password, field, input) : suggestions


The complete method receives a field name and input string and returns a list of suggested Completions. This service is used to give a user instant feedback while he is typing his query. If the given field is the FULLTEXT field, the service returns suggestions from all configured dictionaries that are not explicitly excluded from full-text suggestions.

If a translation table is configured as a knowledge resource for the requested field, it is possible this way to retrieve suggestions for specific languages. Auto complete service uses the following order to decide which languages to use:

  • if user is present:
    • User's language preference as stored in UserSettings
    • Environment's default languages as configured
    • optional language parameter in the request
    • English as fallback
  • else: optional language parameter in the request or English as fallback


Field label are translated by using the first language in the optional language parameter or English as fallback

Another optional parameter is the searchEngine. If present, only suggestions for fields that are applicable to that searcher are returned.


Parameter Name Type Description
environment string identifier of a search environment
password string password for the search environment
field string name of the field to retrieve completions for or FULLTEXT for suggestions from multiple dictionaries
language string optional comma separated 2-letter ISO-639-1 language codes. The first language is used for field label translations. All languages are used to retrieve completions when the request doesn't contain a user or the user doesn't have language preferences and the environment doesn't have default languages set.
user string optional the unique identifier of the user in the integrating application. Languages saved in UserSettings will be used if exists
input string user-typed input string.
searchEngine string optional identifier of a searcher.
If not null, is used to confine the suggestions to that searcher's applicable fields.


Result Name Type Description
suggestions list of Completion List of objects containing the suggested item and its field name and label.





Error Handling🔗

Error Code Description
EMPTY_ARGUMENT One or more mandatory arguments are empty.
INVALID_PASSWORD The password is incorrect.
ENVIRONMENT_NOT_AVAILABLE The environment is not available (see log-file for possible errors).
NOT_ENOUGH_CHARACTERS The input string is empty.
NO_DICTIONARY_FOR_FIELD There requested field has no dictionaries configured.
FIELD_NOT_APPLICABLE The requested field is not applicable for the given searcher.
SEARCHER_NOT_FOUND A searcher for the provided searchEngine name was not found in the provided environment.

Method completeWithToken🔗

Method call🔗

completeWithToken(accessToken, field, input) : suggestions


The same method as complete but with token authentication.

Error Handling🔗

The method can raise the same errors as the corresponding complete method, but can return an INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN error instead of the INVALID_PASSWORD error.

Error Code Description
INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN The token is not valid (possibly timed-out).