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Import Operation

Import Operation

Import Operation🔗


This object is a representation of a saved import operation entry in the database.


Parameter Name Type Description
id string The ID of the import operation
searcher string Name of the external searcher.
userId string ID of the user requested the import operation. NOTE: In case of an integration with TKPortal, this will be the ID of the user in TKPortal, not the name of user that the integrating system is supplying when e.g. opening TKPortal
accessRoles list of strings list of access roles for which to retrieve the import operation
reference string External id (url for Broadbean) of the document
title string Title of the document. Will be displayed in the last imports popup.
status string Status of the import operation; PROCESSING, OK, FAIL, DUPLICATE_FOUND, VALIDATION_ERROR.
message string Optional. Message returned from the integrating system when indexing document. The message is untranslatable and is filled only if there is an error or action required.
link string Optional. External ID or trxml ID to generate link to open the document on ATS or edit page in Textkernel Sourcebox. Link is generated on client side by using importing field in metadata response.
createdAt timestamp Insertion timestamp.
processedAt timestamp Optional. Timestamp storing the last time of status update.


    "id": "3fb91817a0424fbfb83b603245274609",
    "searcher": "careerbuilder",
    "userId": "userId",
    "accessRoles": ["all", "admin"],
    "reference": "RHB7Q077R1ZP2M9FYL9",
    "title": "John Doe",
    "status": "FAIL",
    "message": "No document available",
    "link": "",
    "createdAt": "2019-08-09 T14:37:49.058",
    "processedAt": "2019-08-09 T14:37:55.405"