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Search! & Match! API


Composite Metadata🔗


A composite metadata object describes all metadata for a search environment. The composite metadata contains all static facet information, and a list of all registered searchers mapped to their searcher metadata. The map maintains the order of searchers as they are put in the configuration.


Parameter Name Type Description
facets list of Facet list of facets to be displayed and their properties
defaultSearcher string name of the default searcher
searcherMetadata map of string to SearcherMetadata map searcher name to searcher metadata
hasDatabase boolean true if the environment has database features enabled (i.e. saving searches).
hasEmailAlerts boolean true if the environment has emailing enabled (i.e. for saved searches).
hasAssessmentAccess boolean true if the environment has full assessment mode enabled.
hasAssessmentLightAccess boolean true if the environment has light assessment mode enabled.
hasReportingAccess boolean true if the environment has reporting enabled.
autoCompleteFields list of strings list of field names that have auto-completion enabled.
linkNameLabels map of string to string maps link names (document ID link or action link) to labels for the given language.
relevanceLabels list of strings list of assessment labels (only relevant if assessments are enabled).
headLinks list of headerLinks custom links to be added to the header. A headerLink object contains a name, URL, target, and label.
savingConfig SavingConfig Configuration for saving projects, queries, and results.
hasQueryExtractor boolean true if query extraction (Match) is configured for the environment.
hasNlqsEnabled boolean true if a natural query language interpretation service (NLQS) is configured for the environment.
hasEmailAddressesOnToken boolean true if UserOptions.emailAddresses has been provided when authenticating.
hasTransformedQueryAccess boolean true if AccessOptions.transformedQueryAccess has been set to true when authenticating.
hasUserSettingsEnabled boolean returns whether the user settings are modifiable or not for the environment. This only applies to users of the Textkernel Search UI. The User Settings API is not exposed to customers for changing settings.
userSettings UserSettings User's preferences.
availableSynonymLanguages list of strings Available languages defined for synonyms in the environment. The order of the languages will be aligned with environment configuration. If there are multiple fields defined for synonyms, languages will be loaded based on the order of the fields in configuration. Inside the fields related_terms will have higher priority than spelling_variants
hasSearchHistoryEnabled boolean true if environment has search history enabled. Note that this setting is only taken into account if reporting is enabled as well.
hasReportingEnabled boolean true if reporting is enabled both on environment and application level.
user string user ID from the access token.
environmentName string the name of the environment.
importing Importing Contains importing metadata; external link, external label, Sourcebox split page. May be null