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Textkernel Saleforce Connector

Textkernel Connector🔗

The Textkernel integration is designed with tools to enable the Salesforce admin to maintain and monitor the health of the integration features. This documentation helps you understand how to use these tools so that you can quickly understand the causes of any issues and understand their severity. This documentation also discusses some ways to provide important informationt to Textkernel support if you need help resolving/characterizing an issue.

Textkernel App's Monitoring page🔗

The first place to check if there are seem to be problems (eg missing data) is the Textkernel App's Monitoring page.

Textkernel Monitoring Panel

Debug logs🔗

There are a variety of monitoring panels, but one of the most important panels is the Debug logs panel at the bottom. If any of the Textkernel integration components needs to log an error, or crashes, it will record information to a "Textkernel Log", which you can view by clicking on the View debug logs button. When there are problems, this is always the first place to look.

Indexation status🔗

This panel shows the Status of all the Textkernel Indexing Status records. You can quickly tell what is up-to-date, whether there are errors, and whether indexation requests are backed up (for example, during an initial data load, you might build up a backlog of records waiting to be indexed). For more details on the meanings of these Status values, refer to the documentation on search indexation.

Candidate parsing status🔗

This panel shows the status of processes that parse candidate records. (Those are the recruiter CV parsing workflow, and importing external candidates from Source). You can quickly see if there are lots of errors, or if records are getting stuck at one stage of the pipeline to import / parse / convert candidates. For more details on the meanings of these stages, refer to the documentation on parsing.

Platform Events🔗

Various workflows in the integration publish Platform Events. This typically happens when Textkernel is sending data (eg matches) into Salesforce, and this offers a flexible way for Salesforce workflows to consume events automatically. For each type of Textkernel Platform event from the last hour or day, you will see an entry in this table.