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Textkernel Saleforce Connector

Textkernel Salesforce Connector🔗

Supported Use Cases🔗

Candidate and Vacancy Search! and Match!🔗

Automatically index Salesforce Candidate and Vacancy data into Textkernel to let Recruiters use semantic searching and matching of Candidates to Jobs and Jobs to Candidates. The package supports single sign-on (SSO) between Salesforce and Textkernel using SAML 2.0. The package also makes it fast to setup tightly-integrated workflows: view best matching results, and apply them to Salesforce workflow actions from inside Salesforce.

Recruiter CV Parsing (create Candidates in Salesforce)🔗

Recruiters upload Candidate CV/Resume files, extract the Candidate data using Textkernel’s multilingual parsing engine, and create/update your Salesforce Candidate records. Recruiters can automatically create the Candidates in the background after uploading the CV/Resume file, or manually review all data before creating Candidates. The feature leverages standard Salesforce duplicate-checking rules to identify duplicate records so that the Recruiter can decide which new data to use.

External candidate sourcing (create candidates in Salesforce found in external Candidate databases)🔗

Recruiters search for candidates in various external databases using Textkernel's Source product. Interesting candidate profiles are then imported into Salesforce. The UX features from Recruiter CV parsing are extended so that recruiters can manually review the data before completing the import, and standard duplicate-checking rules detect duplicate records.

Jobfeed integration🔗

Access Textkernel’s comprehensive labor market data without leaving Salesforce. From Jobfeed Portal, Recruiters can search through the public job listings to identify new business leads or perform labor market research across several countries. From the Job Search environment, Recruiters can search for relevant Jobfeed Jobs and import batches into Salesforce. From a Salesforce Account page, Staffing Business Developers can see new job postings for the Account and import them into Salesforce.

Release Notes🔗

The Textkernel Release Notes summarizes new features/changes for this integration. The updates are listed in the Integrations section. You can subscribe via the Integrations page to receive email notifications whenever we release new versions of our integration package.

We release new managed package versions regularly onto the Salesforce AppExchange. Integration administrators should upgrade to new versions as soon as feasible when they are released. In the event of a production issue, if we determine that a patch update is needed to address an issue, we will only patch the latest released package version.

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