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Textkernel Saleforce Connector
Package descriptions

Package descriptions and requirements🔗

Package contents🔗

This integration toolkit consists of two packages:

  • Textkernel Connector (Managed package)
  • Unlocked Components package (Unlocked package)

Textkernel Connector🔗

Textkernel Connector is a managed package containing the integration features:

Core features:

  • Textkernel Configuration App
  • Permission sets to manage access to the package features

Features for the Search and Match and Jobfeed use cases:

  • Infrastructure to embed the TK Portal iframe / user interface in Salesforce and enable support for SAML 2.0 single-sign on. The iframe supports Textkernel Search and Match, Jobfeed Portal, and External Candidate searching/importing
  • A configurable data-mapping tool for Textkernel Search and Match admin users
  • Indexing infrastructure to automatically synchronize Salesforce data into a Textkernel environment
  • Salesforce Platform Event which can be consumed to complete workflow actions initiated based on Textkernel search results
  • Lightning component to show top N matching Candidates for a Vacancy
  • Lightning component to show top N matching Vacancies for a Candidate
  • Lightning component to show new Jobfeed Jobs for a given Account (jobs posted during the last 2 weeks)
  • Component providing a Quick Action to redirect Recruiter from Candidate/Vacancy to view relevant match results in Textkernel Portal

Features for the Recruiter CV Parsing use case:

  • Component enabling Recruiters to upload CV/Resume files for parsing in batches of up to 10 files

Features for the Recruiter CV Parsing and External Candidate importing use cases

  • Components to create the Candidates and view the status of recently-uploaded CV/resumes and/or imported external Candidate profiles
  • Customizable dialog window for Recruiters to review and resolve duplicate records
  • A configurable data-mapping tool for admin users
  • Flexibility to support a broad range of Candidate data models and associated records
  • Ability to review imported candidate data before saving it into Salesforce as a new record
  • Functions to automatically convert parsed data into Candidate

Unlocked Components🔗

The Unlocked Components package contains example code and components which can be used in the Salesforce Org (alongside of the main package) to quickly setup a workflow integration between Salesforce and Textkernel for the Search and Match use case. These components are unlocked, open-source, so that their source code can be copied and customized to support other use cases, if desired.

Permission sets🔗

The Textkernel Connector package includes 3 permission sets, which manage access to the integration features. Salesforce users require both a Textkernel package license and one of these permisison sets to use the integration features. or the user will be unable to use the package. Note that you can also assign these permission sets as part of a Salesforce permission set group, if you are using that feature. Below are the permission sets:

  • Textkernel - Admin Access - for the Salesforce administrator. Provides full access the Textkernel App to configure the integration as well as all the end-user recruiter features.
  • Textkernel - Recruiter Access - for a recruiter end-user. This provides access to the end-user features (parsing widget, Textkernel Portal, automatch widgets, and Jobfeed import widget). To use any of these features, the Salesforce user needs this permission set assigned.
  • Textkernel - Manager Access - provides additional access for recruiters to see the Textkernel search usage reports inside Textkernel Portal. These are used by managers of recruiters to understand usage and adoption of the search and match features. This permission set should only be used in combination with Textkernel - Recruiter Access.

The Unlocked Components package includes 1 permission set, which provides full access to its features for all recruiters and admins: Textkernel - Unlocked Components Access

Textkernel Connector

  • The current version is downloadable from the Salesforce AppExchange
  • Typically this package should only be visible to Salesforce Admins by default

Unlocked Components

  • Current version number 2.0.6
  • Password: Textkernel support can provide this
  • Installation URL
  • Typically this package should be visible to all users by default