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Textkernel Saleforce Connector


What you need to know about Salesforce🔗

These are the Salesforce concepts the Salesforce administrator should be familiar with to easily set up the Textkernel package:

  • Salesforce packages, how to install and upgrade them
  • Differences between managed and unmanaged packages
  • What are Salesforce Apps and how to configure new tabs in them
  • What are primary objects and related objects, how to view the data model of these objects and add new fields to existing objects
  • How to change page layouts and add buttons (Lightning page layout configuration and Lightning custom component configuration)
  • What are Salesforce platform events and how to capture them to trigger workflows
  • Flows or APEX coding, to build automation flows
  • Using permission sets to grant users correct access to the package functionalities

Salesforce compatibility🔗

This list is intended to quickly check if the Client's Salesforce org is compatible with the out-of-box Textkernel package. If one or more points are not satisfied, additional investigation might be required by the Textkernel team.

  • Salesforce does not offer native recruiting/ATS features, so the assumption is that the Client either has:
    1. Extended the core Salesforce platform via custom development with their own custom recruiting workflows, or
    2. The Client is using a 3rd-party package which extends the base Salesforce platform to add recruiting functionality
  • The package supports candidate profiles and jobs that are structured on 2 levels, with a primary object containing general information about the candidate/profile record and additional data stored on related objects. 3-level structures are not supported out of the box and require additional investigation.
  • Users need a Salesforce or Salesforce Platform user license for Sales Cloud: either Enterprise or Unlimited Edition.
  • The user workflow features (data mapping pages, components, iframe integration, etc) are supported in the Salesforce Lightning UI, but not the Salesforce Classic UI (Salesforce stopped adding new features to the Classic UI in 2019).
  • If you plan to import external candidate profiles from Textkernel Source, that feature is unavailable in several org types that don't support the API Only user permission: Developer orgs, Essentials Edition orgs, Professional Edition orgs.

Help needed to configure the package?🔗

If the Salesforce administrator is not familiar with these concepts or needs help to install and configure the package, Textkernel has agreements with partners who can help integrate Textkernel package into your Salesforce environment. Contact Textkernel Sales team for assistance getting into contact with one of our partners.