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Textkernel Saleforce Connector
Common issues

Common issuesπŸ”—

General issuesπŸ”—

A CV/Resume binary is unparseable or too largeπŸ”—

In some cases, the binary CV/Resume file might be corrupt, or too large to parse. For example, Salesforce's API have a size limit (for outbound and inbound API calls), so files larger than 3MB cannot be used to construct an API call to Textkernel. In these cases, the Candidate won't be available in the index for Search and Match, and the file cannot be parsed using recruiter CV parsing. These CV/Resumes may also fail to import from Source.

A particular user cannot see Textkernel integration UI elementsπŸ”—

Most likely the user doesn't have a package license and/or one of the necessary Textkernel permission sets. Please review the admin configuration documentation.

Search indexationπŸ”—

There can be several reasons why a record is not visible in Textkernel Search.

The first thing to check is whether the record meets the indexing criteria, which is set up by your integration administrator. Not all records should be indexed in Textkernel Search (e.g. expired job, old candidate records with no activity for the last 3 years…), so a filter can be created to prevent these records from being indexed.


To quickly check whether a record meets the criteria or not, ask your Salesforce administrator to set up a formula field on the Candidate and Vacancy record which displays a boolean value True when the record should be indexed, False otherwise.

If the record meets the indexing criteria, possible errors can be found in the related Textkernel Indexing Status record. See Indexation monitoring for more information about the possible error states.

If an existing record was recently changed and the data is not correctly reflected in Textkernel Search, the record might be in the queue waiting to be indexed. The Textkernel Indexing Status will provide more information about this. The Status field should be set to To be indexed.

If that's not the case, please refer to Indexation monitoring for more information about the possible error states.

In some cases, updating a record excludes it from indexation, for instance when the vacancy status changes from Open to Closed. Check the indexation filtering criteria to see if the record should be excluded from search.