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Textkernel Saleforce Connector
How to download Salesforce records

How to download the Salesforce records for support investigation

When investigating on a support case, the Textkernel Support team might need to receive the Salesforce record that causes the issue to be able to investigate further.

You can export the record information accessing the related Textkernel Indexing Status record and clicking on the Get TK Record XML and Get TK CV/Vacancy File buttons.

  • Get TK Record XML: generates the XML file that contains the record information stored in Salesforce;
  • Get TK CV/Vacancy File: downloads the binary file attached to the Salesforce record (the candidate resume or a file containing the job description - if any - that is sent to the Textkernel Search! index).

Download buttons to retrieve Salesforce record

When requested by the Textkernel Support team, please provide both generated files.


The Get TK Record XML and Get TK CV/Vacancy File buttons might need to be add to the page layout if they are not visible in the Textkernel Indexing Status record page.