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Textkernel Saleforce Connector
Error handling

Error handling and retry mechanism

Temporary or permanent errors can occur when indexing Candidate and Vacancy records in Textkernel Search. When this happens, additional information about the error can be found in the related Textkernel Indexing Status record.

Textkernel classifies the errors based on their severity:

  • Severity level 1, temporary error: the error is caused by a temporary outage or degradation of the service. The connector will attempt to index the record again on the next retry. After 10 attempts, the record is put in an error state.
  • Severity level 2, recoverable error: this error is caused by a misconfiguration (e.g. wrong credentials) and it requires human intervention to be fixed. Please report this to the administrator of the integration in your organization.
  • Severity level 3, permanent error: this error occurs when the Candidate/Vacancy record cannot be indexed in Textkernel Search, for instance because of an unsupported file type of the candidate resume. Retrying will not solve the issue.

When an error of severity level 1 occurs, the connector will automatically attempt to index the record again, for 10 times every 60 minutes. The number of attempts and the time of the next retry are available in the fields Retry Number and Next Retry of the Textkernel Indexing Status.


This feature might not be available depending on your Salesforce configuration

If you want to force a Candidate or Vacancy record to be immediately indexed or deleted from Textkernel Search, the related Textkernel Indexing Status record offers two actions Update in index and Delete from index, which trigger an immediate update/deletion of the record. This can be useful if an error occurred and you want to retry immediately.

Textkernel Indexing Status