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Getting Started🔗︎

Skills Intelligence🔗︎

The Skills Intelligence APIs provide various functionalities around Textkernel's knowledge base of professions and skills. The API can be used to:

  • Extract and normalize skills from any HR-related text to pre-populate skill profiles.
  • Improve analytics by standardizing skill and job data to Textkernel's comprehensive, cross-lingual taxonomies.
  • Import Textkernel's taxonomies of skills and professions in your organization's tools and processes.
  • Create smart matching solutions by leveraging Textkernel's extensive knowledge base on synonyms and profession-skill relations.
  • Automatically enrich job architectures and job catalogues with suggestions of relevant skills.
  • Generate skill-based recommendations of (non-obvious) job transitions.
  • Understand the skill gap between two professions, or between a current skill set and an aspired next role.
  • Extract skills from training descriptions, and leverage those for targeted upskilling recommendations.
  • Generate job descriptions based on criteria like job title, skills, and location.

Rate Limits🔗︎

Unlike Textkernel's other APIs, the Skills Intelligence APIs are rate-limited on a number-of-requests-per-time-period basis. This means that any given second/minute/hour you are allowed to have N requests. Any requests after the limit of N is reached are rejected until the time period elapses and you are allowed to have N more requests for the next time period. The specific values for each endpoint are provided below:

Endpoint Request Limit Time Period
POST /v10/skills/extract 8 1 second
POST /v10/skills/normalize 16 1 second
POST /v10/professions/normalize 13 1 second
POST /v10/*/autocomplete 16 1 second
POST /v10/*/lookup 16 1 second
GET /v10/*/taxonomy 10 1 hour
GET /v10/*/metadata 10 1 hour
POST /v10/ontology/* 16 1 second
POST /v10/job-description/* 1 1 second