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LLM Parser

LLM Parser


Textkernel offers a resume parsing option that seamlessly integrates the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) with Textkernel technology. The result is a parser that is better than can be built with each technology individually.

The LLM Parser can be enabled on a per-request basis. An add-on cost applies to each transaction that has the LLM Parser enabled.

Limitations and Caveats🔗︎

  • The LLM Parser is currently only available for English resumes.
  • All fields mentioned in the low-usage fields document are not output.
  • Additionally, the following fields are not output:

    • Individual education raw text
    • Normalized local and international degree codes/descriptions
    • Individual position descriptions
  • Responses can be several seconds slower when using the LLM Parser.

  • The LLM Parser can generate information that is factually incorrect or misleading. It may also output plausible-sounding but false information. However, the LLM Parser offers improved accuracy compared to the standard parser, helping to offset any potential hallucinations.
  • In exceptional cases, the LLM Parser returns an error or takes more than 60 seconds to respond. In such cases, we automatically fall back to our standard parser. The add-on credits for using the LLM parser will still be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions🔗︎

Check our LLM Parser FAQ