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User-Defined Tags

User-Defined Tags

User-Defined Tags🔗︎

The Textkernel Search & Match Engine supports adding tags to a document that can be used for filtering the result set. User-Defined Tags are implemented by encoding values as strings and passing those into the index document api call. The recommended string format for a user-defined tag is: Field + Value:

  • Field is some string to identify the field or property. For example, "Status".
  • Value is the value of the field encoded as a string. For example, "Active" or "123".
  • The entire tag should be alphanumeric without any whitespace, symbols or punctuation (i.e. "abc123" instead of "abc-123") so that there will not be any issues with how these tags are tokenized by the indexing engine.

Combining these strings together results in user-defined tags like:

  • StatusActive
  • Region123
  • Available20190116

Once documents with those tags are indexes you can filter the data set by the tags by setting the FilterCriteria.UserDefinedTags property.

    "FilterCriteria": {
        "UserDefinedTags": ["StatusActive", "Region123", "Available20190116"]