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Index a Resume

Index a Resume🔗︎

HTTP Verb Path
POST /v10/index/(indexId)/resume/(documentId)

Adds a single resume to an index.


  • You can try this endpoint out at our Swagger page ( US Data Center | EU Data Center | AU Data Center )
  • Skills Normalization must be included to index documents using V2 Skills Taxonomy. These algorithms ignore raw skills and only consider the normalized skill concepts for skills category scoring. This leads to improved scoring and ranking because normalization produces less false negatives than simple exact keyword matching.

Path Parameters🔗︎

Parameter Data Type Description
indexId string The id for the index where the document should be added (case-insensitive).
documentId string The id to assign to the new document. This is restricted to alphanumeric with dashes and underscores. All values will be converted to lower-case.

Request Body🔗︎

ResumeData 🔗︎ object required


Parsed ResumeData from the Textkernel CV/Resume Parser. See Parse a Resume

UserDefinedTags 🔗︎ string[]


The user-defined tags you want the document to have.

Sample JSON
  "ResumeData": "...",
  "UserDefinedTags": [

Response Body🔗︎

Info 🔗︎ object


Information explaining the outcome of the transaction.

Info properties

Code 🔗︎ string


Code Description
Success Successful transaction
MissingParameter A required parameter wasn't provided
InvalidParameter A parameter was incorrectly specified
AuthenticationError An error occurred with the credentials provided
Unauthorized Your account doesn't have permission to perform this operation
DataNotFound Data with the specified name wasn't found
ConstraintError Data in the request is not allowed with the specific action being requested.
Message 🔗︎ string


This message further describes the code providing additional detail.

TransactionId 🔗︎ string


The (GUID) id for a specific API transaction. Use this when contacting about issues.

EngineVersion 🔗︎ string


The version of the parsing/matching engine running under-the-hood.

ApiVersion 🔗︎ string


The version of the API.

TotalElapsedMilliseconds 🔗︎ integer


How long the transaction took on Textkernel's server, in milliseconds. If the transaction takes longer to complete on the client side, that extra duration is solely network latency.

TransactionCost 🔗︎ decimal


How many credits the transaction costs.How many credits the transaction costs.

CustomerDetails 🔗︎ object


Information about the customer who made the API call.

CustomerDetails properties

AccountId 🔗︎ string


The AccountId for the account.

Name 🔗︎ string


The customer name on the account.

IPAddress 🔗︎ string


The client IP Address where the API call originated.

Region 🔗︎ string


The region for the account, also known as the 'Data Center'.

CreditsRemaining 🔗︎ decimal


The number of credits remaining to be used by the account.

CreditsUsed 🔗︎ decimal


The number of credits used by the account.

MaximumConcurrentRequests 🔗︎ integer


The number of requests that can be made at one time. If using sub-accounts, this is the maximum number of concurent requests across all accounts, not just this single sub-account.

ExpirationDate 🔗︎ date


The date that the current credits expire.

Sample JSON
  "Info": {
    "Code": "string",
    "Message": "string",
    "TransactionId": "string",
    "EngineVersion": "string",
    "ApiVersion": "string",
    "TotalElapsedMilliseconds": 0,
    "TransactionCost": 0,
    "CustomerDetails": {
      "AccountId": "string",
      "Name": "string",
      "IPAddress": "string",
      "Region": "string",
      "CreditsRemaining": 0,
      "CreditsUsed": 0,
      "ExpirationDate": "2021-12-31",
      "MaximumConcurrentRequests": 0