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Tx Platform
Check if Document Exists

Check if a Document Exists🔗︎

HTTP Verb Path
HEAD /v10/index/(indexId)/documents/(documentId)

Check id a document exists in an index.


  • You can try this endpoint out at our Swagger page ( US Data Center | EU Data Center | AU Data Center )
  • This endpoint is not enabled for customers by default, as customers should track documents in their system.

Path Parameters🔗︎

Parameter Data Type Description
indexId string The id for the index that contains the document (case-insensitive).
documentId string The id of the document to retrieve (case-insensitive).


This api call has no reponse body, and utilizes the HttpStatusCode to specify success or failure.

Http Status Code Description
200 The document exists in the index
404 The document doesn't exist in the index
500 An unexpected error occured