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Tx Platform
Allocate Credits

Allocate Credits to a Sub-Account🔗︎

HTTP Verb Path

Adjust credits on a sub-account, or set a sub-account to unrestricted credit usage.

Path Parameters🔗︎

Parameter Data Type Description
accountid string The AccountId to allocate credits to.

Request Body🔗︎

CreditsToAdd 🔗︎ decimal


How many SaaS Credits to add to this account. To remove credits, set this to a negative number. If this is not set, Unrestricted must be true

Unrestricted 🔗︎ bool


If the account should have unrestricted access to your SaaS Credits. If this is not set, CreditsToAdd must have a non-zero value.

Sample JSON
  "CreditsToAdd": 1000,
  "Unrestricted": false

Response Body🔗︎

CreditsRemaining 🔗︎ decimal


Amount of credits remaining on the account after the adjustment. If unrestricted, this will equal the total number of credits left on your SaaS account.

ErrorMessage 🔗︎ string


If an error occured, this will give a detailed message on what happened. If no error occured, this will be empty.

Sample JSON
  "CreditsRemaining": 0,
  "ErrorMessage": "string"