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Tx Platform


A valid Textkernel License Key is required in order to use Textkernel software. If the license key is not specified, not discoverable at runtime, or not valid, then an exception is thrown, and the software will not work.


  • Parse a resume with your existing key and locate the LicenseSerialNumber in the ParsingMetadata
  • Restart the container with the new license key (see instructions below).
  • Parse a resume again and ensure that the NEW license key serial number is output.

Obtaining your Textkernel License Key🔗︎

To obtain your Textkernel License, log into the Tx Console and download the key.

Securing your Textkernel License Key🔗︎

It is important that you secure your Textkernel License Key so that it cannot be used by anyone else. Your software key is traceable to your organization. Safeguard it and do not redistribute it.


If you are authorized to redistribute Textkernel software to your clients, then you must embed the Textkernel License Key in a way that those clients will not have direct access to the license key, nor be able to view its contents.


When licensing errors occur, data is written to a SovrenLicenseLog.txt file. Collect this file and send it to for analysis. The file will be located in /app/SovrenLicenseLog.txt.