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Job Description API (Beta)🔗︎

The Job Description API provides various functionalities around Textkernel's knowledge base by leveraging LLMs (Large Language Models). It allows users to input job-related parameters such as job title, required skills, preferred tone, and location, which are then processed to generate detailed job descriptions. It can also suggests skills based on a given job title using our Ontology for comprehensive and up-to-date job description generation.

The Job Description API makes it possible to easily create a widget for the generation of job descriptions where users have control over the skills to be included. The image below shows an example UI. The workflow is as follows: based on the job title entered by the user, related skills are presented (based on the Suggest Skills endpoint). The user can then select the skills relevant to the job description and mark them as Nice to Have or Must Have. The selected skills are then sent to the Generate endpoint, along with other basic info entered by the user (location, company, etc.). That endpoint outputs a job description which mentions the selected skills and other criteria.

Vacancy Generator Example

Supported Languages🔗︎

These are the supported languages for the Job Description API, and their corresponding ISO code for use in API requests/responses.

Language ISO Code
Dutch nl
English en
German de
French fr

Rate Limits🔗︎

Details on rate limits can be found here.