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Technical Specifications

Resume Parser - Technical Specifications🔗︎

We've listed out the technical specifications for our resume parsing for a fast-and-easy reference guide.

Deployment 100% Cloud-hosted solution.
Integration Available as a cloud-based service via a REST API. Official open-source SDKs are available for some programming languages.
Security Our SaaS Service uses SSL and does not store your data.
Scalability Runs on Amazon AWS, scales both vertically and horizontally and has no document limits.
Configurability Configurable per transaction, with dozens of options, or just use the defaults.
Input Formats Accepts input documents in every commercial resume document format, including:
  • LinkedIn
  • All job board formats
  • Microsoft Word (all versions including DOCX)
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Rich Text (RTF)
  • OpenOffice 2.+
  • Microsoft Office HTML
  • HTML Archives
  • Email
  • Text Excel
Throughput Median resume parsing times are roughly 1/2 second per transaction. You can run transactions simultaneously (see Acceptable Use Policy) for even greater throughput.

By default, our resume parser ensures an optimal balance between parsing accuracy and speed. If you have specific preferences, please contact us.
Output Formats JSON
Multi-Language Support Parses with high accuracy in 29 languages. Performs automatic language and locale detection; also manually configurable per transaction.
Supported Resume/CV Sections
  • Contact Info
  • Job Objective
  • Executive Summary
  • Qualification Summary
  • Employment History (with many sub-fields)
  • Education History (with many sub-fields)
  • Skills
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Languages
  • Hobbies
  • Additional Optional Personal Data (i.e., gender, date of birth, etc.)
  • Workforce and Management Experience
  • Best Fit Professions based on skills profile
  • Culture
  • Custom fields or generate content based on the resume (see FlexRequests)
Resume Data Normalized
  • School Name
  • Degree Type
  • Degree Name
  • Employer Name
  • Job Title
  • Skills
  • Phone Number
  • GPA
  • Region Name
  • Country Code
Skills & Profession Taxonomies We have the industry’s most comprehensive and up-to-date skills and profession taxonomies, covering 300,000+ synonyms, 12,000+ unique skills in all supported languages and 4500+ unique professions in 9 languages.
Geocoder Our Geocoder takes in parsed resumes in JSON format and adds geo coordinates. We use the world's most accurate geocoding, at street/house level. You are also able to specify your credentials to Bing or Google and use your own preferred geocoding.