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Full Output

Full Output

In order to provide parsing for a wide range of languages, the job parser does not provide all fields for some languages.

The fields listed below are only output when using SaaS and in Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • JobDescription
  • JobRequirements
  • Benefits
  • EmployerDescription
  • StartDate
  • LocalEducationLevel
  • InternationalEducationLevel
  • ApplicationDetails
  • Salary
  • MinimumWorkingHours
  • MaximumWorkingHours
  • WorkingHours
  • IsRemote
  • DriversLicenses
  • EmploymentType
  • ContractType

For languages not listed above:🔗︎

For the languages not in the list above, the Job Parser was designed for use with Search & Match only. All other use cases are allowed, but without support from Textkernel. Our Job Parser was built to output additional calculated information that can be helpful for matching, but look incomplete to the human eye.

Job Orders (aka job descriptions, job postings, etc.) are much more difficult to parse than resumes because resumes contain information about one thing (the candidate). On the other hand, job orders often contain information about:

  • The job
  • The ideal candidate
  • The company
  • Corporate culture
  • Benefits
  • Background checking and testing

When you have control over the content of the Job Order, and are using a language not in the list above, omit as much of the extra information mentioned above. This reduces the amount of work the parser has to do in determining what information is relevant and will reduce false positives. The Job Parser is designed to ignore all of the unecessary information, but simply omitting this information is always the best way to improve parsing accuracy.