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Source Documentation
Integrating Source

Integrating Source🔗

Source is meant to be integrated within a recruiter's workflow by embedding it within the system they work with on a daily basis (e.g. ATS/CRM).

Source cannot be used without its User Interface. The Source UI can be iframed into your application by integrating TK Portal. Textkernel will provide your TK Portal pre-configured with Source.

The complexity of integrating many external sources, each with their own filters, authentication methods (including SSO) would make it very time-consuming for you to replicate. Therefore, Source comes with the following features to offer your users an experience that is as seamless as possible:

  • Single Sign On through the TK Portal. Refer to Authentication in the TK Portal documentation for details.
  • Ability to import candidates selected by the user into your ATS. Refer to the Automation API (event type: candidate_import) for details.
  • Customization of the style of the page to fit your own branding. Refer to Custom Themes in the TK Portal documentation for details.

Testing your integration🔗

Textkernel cannot provide or share credentials for accessing third party sources. In order to build and test your integration, you can use the mocked source. It contains some example profiles, including resume files that can be used to test importing. The mocked source is not meant to be displayed to your end users, so make sure that you only enable it for your test user(s).