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Custom Themes

Custom Themes🔗


Custom Themes allow you to customize the styles of the underlying applications in TK Portal to your needs, and make the look correspond with your own brand guidelines. The Theme Builder Demo shows which parameters are customizable.

Supported Applications

Currently, custom themes are only supported by Textkernel Source. If you wish to style other applications, please contact Textkernel.

Using the Theme Builder🔗

To create or modify a custom theme, use the Textkernel Theme Builder. It can be activated in the UI so you can see the effects of your changes in real time.

To activate the Theme Builder in your browser, open the application that you want to theme and just type the magic phrase: edit theme. Make sure that no input is focused when you type. In other words, you are supposed to type the magic phrase to "nowhere". If an input is focused, just click on application's background and type in the phrase.

Activating your custom theme🔗

When you have finished creating your theme, download the theme configuration file using the Theme Builder. Then send it to your Textkernel consultant, who will upload it to a public location hosted by Textkernel and activate it in your Textkernel environment.