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Required Credentials for TK-managed integrations

Required Credentials for Textkernel-Managed Integrations🔗


This information is relevant for Textkernel-managed integrations only. For other type of integrations, please go here.

When your integration is managed by Textkernel, we will pre-configure your external sources and credentials. We need the following information from you:

  • Which external sources need to be enabled and in what order they should be displayed in the Source UI
  • Credentials for the external sources as described below.

The credentials that Textkernel needs to pre-configure are typically account-wide API keys that individual users do not know. Some sources require additional authentication besides these API keys. In that case the Source UI will prompt for these credentials and will remember them. In case an external source uses SSO, the user needs to authenticate via a login prompt hosted by the external source.

Required credentials🔗

The following credentials need to be preconfigured by Textkernel.

Source Credentials Comment
CV-Library username, password CV-Library API credentials (company-wide). Note: those are not user credentials. Users are automatically identified based on their email address.
Dice client_id, client_secret Dice client id (company-wide)
eFinancialCareers trusted_account_api_key eFinancial API key (company-wide)
GitHub api_key Google API key
LinkedIn api_key Google API key
Monster cat Monster CAT key, user-specific or company-wide
Resume-Library account_id, account_key Resume Library account id and key (company-wide)
Stack Overflow api_key Google API key
Xing client_id, client_secret XING API keys (company-wide). Users authenticate with SSO.