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User Management

User Management🔗

All User Management is done through the TK Portal User API. In this section, the relevant parameters for Source are described.

Enabling External Sources🔗

To define the available external sources and their credentials, set UserAccessOptions.UserSearcherAccess like below. The external sources will be displayed in the UI in the order in which they are specified in the searcherAccess array.


"userAccessOptions": {
    "searcherAccess": [
          "searcher": "searcher_id",
          "username": "...",
          "password": "..."

Access to User Activity Reports🔗

Certain users may be given access to the User Activity Report. The report is an Excel file which contains statistics on the number of searches and candidate imports per source, per user.

To grant a user access to the reports, set UserAccessOptions.reportingAccess to true:

"userAccessOptions": {
    "reportingAccess": true

Segregation of user data🔗

Source logs all actions taken by a user (or taken on behalf of a user) for reporting purposes, and also to show information in the UI (e.g. whether a candidate was imported before by the user or someone else in that organization).

When you integrate Source and have multiple end-customers or departments within one customer need to be segregated, you need to specify role(s) for the user. You can read more about it in the TK Portal documentation or ask your Textkernel consultant for assistance.