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Source Documentation
Browser Extension

Browser Extension๐Ÿ”—

The Source Browser Extension can capture candidate data from web pages and import them into your ATS with a single click. These pages are typically sources from which no direct import functionality can be provided in the Source application. Please contact Textkernel to inquire about the currently supported websites.

The browser extension is available for Google Chrome in the English language.

Importing Candidates with the Browser Extension๐Ÿ”—

Importing using the Browser Extension is an add-on that can be enabled on request. Please contact your account manager.

Once enabled, users will see a link in the Source UI to install the extension. The extension can also be installed automatically using policies for Windows or Mac.

When importing a web page, the Browser Extension uses the same data flow as importing from regular sources. The HTML file will be included along with the parsed data.

Captured Data and Data Privacy๐Ÿ”—

Information listed on the personโ€™s profile and supported by the Textkernel CV/Resume Parser - including contact information (if available) - is captured automatically. Best efforts are made to ensure that personal information about the user of the browser extension is not captured/transmitted.

Users of the browser extension are solely responsible for the use of the browser extension and content from third party websites in compliance with the law, including any applicable data protection or privacy laws.