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Google API

Google API🔗

Some sources are not integrated directly but are searched via Google Custom Search. A Google API key is required to be able to search in those. The cost is $5 per 1000 queries and the first 100 queries per day are free.

Enable the Custom Search API🔗

  1. Log in to Google Cloud Console using a Google account.

  2. Go to the Custom Search API by searching for it. Search

  3. If you don't have an active project in the Google Cloud Console yet, you may need to create one and give it a name (e.g. "Textkernel")

  4. Enable the Custom Search API on the page that follows. Afterwards, you will be redirected to the API Details page for the Custom Search API. Enable

Create credentials🔗

  1. On the API Details page for the Custom Search API, click "Credentials" in the menu on the left hand side. Do not click the "Create credentials" button in the top right corner. Credentials

  2. On the "Credentials" page, select "Create credentials" and choose "API key". Create Credentials

  3. A pop-up follows that shows the API key that you need to pass to Textkernel. Copy it so that you can send it to Textkernel later. Keep the pop-up open open. API key

Restrict the API key🔗

  1. Now we need to add some restrictions. On the pop-up, click "Edit API key". Edit API key

  2. On the page that follows, restrict the API key so that it can only be used for the Custom Search API. You can do this by selecting it at the bottom of the page. Restrict

  3. Your API key will never be visible to users or on the web, and we are still going to configure quotas next. It is therefore not necessary to further restrict the API key.

Configure quotas🔗

  1. To configure quotas, go back to the API Details page. You can get there by searching for "Custom Search API" and afterwards selecting "Manage".

  2. On the API Details page for the Custom Search API, select the "Quotas" tab. Quotas

  3. By default, there is a limit of 10,000 queries per day. You can lower the limit here to keep your costs under control. Change quota

Add a billing account🔗

  1. Follow the steps on this page to create a billing account and link it to your project.

  2. Ensure that the billing account is associated with your project. You can verify this on the billing overview page.

Send your API key to Textkernel🔗

Please send the Google API key to your Textkernel consultant and we will set it up in Textkernel Source.