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External Sources

External Sources🔗

Please find the list of sources accessible through Textkernel Source below. All external sources are queried in real time and Textkernel does not keep a copy of external candidate data.

Most sources require authentication. Depending on the integration, please refer to the following details:

  • For integrations managed by Textkernel, see the required credentials here.
  • For other integrations, see the required and optional credentials here.
Source Country Profile Importing1 Searcher ID
CareerBuilder US, CA Yes careerbuilder_us
CareerStructure (Stepstone) UK Yes career_structure
Caterer (Stepstone) UK Yes caterer
CityJobs (Stepstone) UK Yes cityjobs
CV-Library UK Yes cv_library
CWJobs (Stepstone) UK Yes cwjobs
Dice US Yes dice
DPG NL No dpg
eFinancialCareers DE, FR, UK, US Yes efinancial
eMedCareers (Stepstone) UK Yes emedcareers
GitHub (X-Ray)2 Global3 No github
Indeed Global3 No4 indeed
JobServe UK Yes jobserve
Jobsite (Stepstone) UK Yes job_site
JustEngineers (Stepstone) UK Yes just_engineers
LinkedIn (X-Ray)2 Global3 No linkedin
Monster AT, BE, CA, CZ, DE, ES, FI, FR, IE, IT, LU, NL, SE, UK, US Yes monster
onlyfy (XING) GlobalGlobal3 No4 xing
Reed UK Yes reed
Resume-Library US Yes resume_library
RetailChoice (Stepstone) UK Yes retail_choice
Stack Overflow (X-Ray)2 Global3 No stackoverflow
TotalJobs (Stepstone) UK Yes totaljobs
  • 1: For some unsupported sources, importing may be possible using the browser extension.
  • 2: X-Ray means a Google X-Ray query is created and the source is not queried directly. A Google API key is required. More information here.
  • 3: For "global" sources, only the countries that are actually supported by that source are available, and searching with non-latin character sets is currently not supported by Textkernel.
  • 4: For Indeed and onlyfy, importing is not yet supported because these sources first require consent from the candidate.