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TK Platform

TK Platform - General Information🔗

The following pages contain general information about the TK Platform:

For information about specific products/modules, visit the individual product documentation links below.


Product Description
CV/Resume and Job Parser Parse CV/Resumes or job descriptions and retrieve the extracted data in a structured format
Search & Match Semantic Search & Match on candidates and jobs in your ATS/CRM
Source External Find and import candidates from external sources
Skills Intelligence (Data Enrichment) Leverage the Skills and Professions Taxonomies and Ontology to build and enrich profiles
Jobs Data (Jobfeed) Real-time and historical data on the demand side of the labor market

Integration Components & Add-Ons🔗

Component Description
TK Portal Enables you to embed TK Platform products that offer a user interface with Single Sign-On
Automation API Add-On which enables you to integrate with the TK Platform to support a variety of end-to-end workflow scenarios, such as auto-matching and external candidate importing
Jobfeed Insights Widget Free of charge widgets containing Labor Market Intelligence that are embeddable in your ATS/CRM.

Specific Use Cases🔗

Use Case Description
Career Portal Matching Guide Explains how you can offer relevant job suggestions to job seekers, who can then easily apply to one or multiple jobs.