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Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers🔗

Only browsers and versions listed below are supported. On other browsers, the application may functionally work as intended, but Textkernel does not provide support for those.

Desktop Browsers🔗

The latest two major versions of each browser are supported* unless a specific version is mentioned below.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 or higher is required)
  • Firefox (including last Extended Support Release)
  • Safari (blocks third-party cookies by default, while these are necessary for some integrations - please read below).

Mobile Browsers🔗

Mobile browsers are supported for certain Textkernel applications. If the application is mobile-compatible, the latest two versions of iOS and Android are supported and the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (iOS, Android)
  • Safari (iOS)
  • Firefox (iOS, Android)

Browser Settings🔗

Third-party cookies Some integrations require third-party cookies to be enabled for signing you into the application automatically.

Google Chrome – Incognito Mode🔗

By default, Google Chrome blocks third party cookies when in Incognito mode. When you have trouble signing in, please make sure third party cookies are not being blocked.


Safari blocks all third-party cookies by default. If you have trouble signing in, please use a different browser.


  • Javascript must be enabled Cookies and Web Storage should be enabled and allowed
  • No static resources or (IP) addresses used by the application are blocked

Screen Resolution🔗

The lowest supported screen resolution for desktop is 1280 pixels (width) and 800 pixels (height). The application may still show properly on screens with lower resolution although not supported.