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Bullhorn ATS
Standard Setup

Standard setup🔗

  • Includes only one production Textkernel environment. Non-production environments (NPE) are not included in the standard setup.
  • All Bullhorn users automatically have access to the Textkernel products.
  • All Bullhorn candidate and job records are synchronized with Textkernel. By default, only open jobs are shown in Job Search!.
  • Uses standard Bullhorn data model fields, as specified in Candidate Search! Configuration and Job Search! Configuration.
  • Candidate and job data is not segregated by departments, meaning users can see and search all candidate and job records (open database).
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) parsing functionality is not included. OCR allows users to create new Bullhorn candidate records by parsing resume image documents (e.g. jpeg, png…).
  • Synchronizes only resume files with default file type “CV” or “Resume”.

Prerequisites for external talent databases🔗

  • Company acknowledges Monster requires each user to be assigned a CAT code to log in. Company is responsible to provide Textkernel new CAT codes on either the 1st or the 15th of each month for new users when enabled in Bullhorn. Please send the user’s name, Bullhorn username and Monster CAT code to These updates could take up to 3-days to be configured.
  • (for Companies with more than 50 Textkernel user licenses) The external talent databases Linkedin, Github and Stack Overflow are not integrated into Textkernel directly and are searched via a Google Custom Search. If any of these three sources are in use, Company is responsible for obtaining the Google API Key. As per January 2023, the cost (to the Company from Google) is $5 per 1000 queries and the first 100 queries per day are free.
  • Some talent databases require different authentication methods and/or subscriptions. Check Required Credentials for Textkernel-Managed Integrations for more information.

Prerequisites for Jobfeed Lead integration🔗

Company is responsible to configure the Bullhorn Lead Entity to receive Jobfeed job postings as Lead records in Bullhorn. Instructions can be found in the Jobfeed Leads configuration page.

Prerequisites for Submission Source🔗

Company can track candidates submitted to job orders directly from Textkernel based on the submission source type. To achieve this, Company needs to add "Textkernel" as a possible value for the JobSubmission source field.