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Jobfeed Leads

About Jobfeed Leads🔗

A lead is usually a person (but it could be an entire company) who is a potential contact; someone you are trying to establish a relationship with. Once you qualify your lead, you should proceed to the conversion stage.

Tracking leads allows users to see their entire sales funnel. Adding a lead activity to Bullhorn and recruiters can see everything from the first phone call to a potential hiring manager all the way to a paid placement.

Leads can be converted into:

  • Contact records
  • Company records
  • Candidate records
  • Opportunity records

Converting a lead will populate the following fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Occupation
  • Company
  • Email
  • Phone number

Workflow Overview🔗

Once configured, the workflow between Textkernel and Bullhorn looks like this:

Step 1 Recruiter finds an interesting Job in Jobfeed and clicks the Export button


Step 2 The system asks for confirmation


Step 3 A Lead is created in your Bullhorn instance



The configuration consists in two steps:

  • Field Mappings
  • View Layout

The details are described below.

Before you start🔗

  • Jobfeed Integration will not overwrite existing Leads records that have already been created in Bullhorn.

  • Textkernel API user needs permissions to create leads in Bullhorn. Please double check if this user has proper permissions.

  • Textkernel does not provide Bullhorn configurations: an admin user or a Bullhorn support engineer should configure the field mappings and the view layout.

  • Additional private labels and User Types should be considered during the configuration step. Please contact Bullhorn support if you need more information regarding permissions and visibility.

  • It is currently not possible to set up a custom integration using other Bullhorn or Jobfeed fields, however you can enable and configure additional fields in Bullhorn for users to build their lead record manually.

Configuring Field Mappings🔗

As an admin user, click on the Field Mappings link from the Bullhorn Menu:


Look for the Leads object on the list. It should look like this:


Make sure you add Textkernel as a possible value for you LeadSource field:


Now, check your current configuration against the table below. Make sure these fields are configured and not hidden. Labels, Section Headers and Sort Order are just a recommendation and not a required configuration.

Bullhorn Field Sort Order Edit Type Required Default Template US PL Default Template UK PL Default Template French PL Default Template German PL Default Template Dutch PL
recruiterUserID 10 Picker:Internal Yes Owner Owner Propriétaire Beraterin Eigenaar
status 15 Drop Down Yes Status Status Statut Status Status
leadSource 25 Drop Down No Lead Source Lead Source Source du lead Lead-Quelle Leadbron
companyName 30 Text No Target Lead Company Target Lead Company Société cible Lead Zielkunde Target Lead Bedrijfsnaam
role 40 Text No Jobfeed Job Title Jobfeed Job Title Titre du poste Jobfeed Jobfeed Stellenbezeichnung Jobfeed functietitel
clientUserID 60 Picker:Client No Current Client Contact Existing Client Contact Contact client actuel Aktueller Kundenkontakt Huidig klant contact
clientCorporationID 65 Picker:Client Corporation No Current Client Company Existing Client Company Entreprise client actuel Aktuelles Kunden-Unternehmen Huidig klant bedrijf
companyURL 75 Text No Company URL Company URL URL du site de l'entreprise Firmen-URL Bedrijfs-URL
sectionHeader1 100 Section Header No Lead Contact Details Lead Contact Details Coordonnées du lead Lead Kontaktdaten Lead contact gegevens
firstName 105 Text No First Name First Name Prénom Vorname Voornaam
lastName 110 Text No Last Name Last Name Nom de Famille Nachname Achternaam
occupation 115 Text No Title Title Tire du poste Stellenbezeichnung Naam huidige functie
email 120 Text No Email Email Adresse e-mail personnelle E-Mail E-mail
phone 125 Text No Phone Phone Numéro de téléphone Telefon Telefoon
fullAddress 129 Address No Job Location Job Location Lieu de travail Arbeitsort Werk locatie
city 133 Text No City City Ville Stadt Plaats
state 135 State - Mini Picker No State County Département/Région Staat District
zip 137 Text No Zip Post Code Code postal Postleitzahl Postcode
sectionHeader2 400 Section Header No Jobfeed Job Posting Section Jobfeed Job Posting Section Section "publication de l'offre" dans Jobfeed Jobfeed Stellenanzeige Jobfeed Publicatie sectie
comments 410 Text Block No Additional Job Data Additional Job Data Information additionnelles Zusätzliche Stellen-Informationen overige informatie
description 420 DHTML Editor No Description Description Description Beschreibung beschrijving

From the fields above, some are unique to this Jobfeed integration:

  • comments: stores the Jobfeed Job Posting data and it does not map to a specific Bullhorn field.
  • recruiterUserID: stores the name of the Bullhorn user who exported this job from Jobfeed
  • status: stores the value “New Lead”
  • leadSource: stores the value “Textkernel”. This field is useful for tracking Leads records that originate from Jobfeed

Configuring the View Layout🔗

As an admin user, click on the View Layout link from the Bullhorn Menu:


Look for the Leads object on the list, then click on the Overview tab.


Now make sure your custom cards are configured according to the images below:





Asking for Help🔗

If you are not comfortable doing the configuration by yourself, you can reach out to Bullhorn support with an email similar to the one below:

Hi Bullhorn Support,

Please enable the following user types and private labels to view and edit leads:

Add your user types and private labels here. For example:

  • User type A
  • User type B
  • Private Label X
  • Private Label Y

Alternatively, you can ask them to enable the functionality for all user types and private labels.

We would like assistance with the configuration of the Leads entity field mappings and view layout.

In the link below there is a table with the field mappings, labels, sort order and configuration requirements - these fields should be unhidden. There are also screenshots of the overview tab layout of the fields we would like to see in each card on the Leads overview page.

Add a link to this page

Also, please grant the Textkernel API user permissions to create Leads.

Thank you,

Additional information🔗

Here are a couple of links to the Bullhorn documentation and support: