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TK Portal Documentation
Onboarding & Offboarding

User Onboarding & Offboarding🔗

User Onboarding🔗

Users are created automatically on the Textkernel side when they access TK Portal using the provided Textkernel SSO link for the first time. If all Single Sign-On custom claims are passed correctly, the user will be able to immediately use the Textkernel integration.

User Offboarding🔗

When a user leaves the organization and/or should not have access to the Textkernel component any longer, they will need to be deleted using the TK Portal API.

In order to delete a user, the username within TK Portal needs to be known. In order to find that, it is possible to either first retrieve all users or take the username as passed in the SSO (SAML or OIDC) custom claims.

See Listing all users and Deleting a user for more information about the necessary endpoints to complete the offboarding.